2014 Holiday Letter

In looking back at the list of holiday letters, we started writing these in 2005 so, doing the math, welcome to the 9th Annual Tinkleflick Holiday letter for 2014.  We’ll have to do something special next year (although, I am sure we won’t remember until December 15th and then scramble to just get something on here…just saying’).

This was a year of transitions for all of us and came with the usual (and some unusual) challenges and successes.



Our little chubby cheeked boy from years past has now grown into a full-blown middle schooler.  Noah started at Goodman Middle School in September and he is doing great.  He received a 4.0 on his first report card and he really likes it.  Girls aren’t on the radar yet but, while middle school only lasts for three years, it may as well be a lifetime from now when he walks out of there on his way to high school.  Sports are down to just baseball and he loves Minecraft and anything on his computer.



Natalie is now in Third Grade, having made the transition from the primary grades to the secondary grades.  In addition to joining the choir, Natalie transitioned to the next level of soccer and plays in an indoor league in the winder.  Even though her team won the city championship in fast pitch last season, she really wants to dedicate her sporting life to soccer (and we have a one-sport-at-a-time rule in our house) so she might just play soccer from this point on.


2014-07-15 18.51.13Ralph and Wendy

Wendy made the transition to a full-time job as the Chief Compliance Officer for Heritage Distilling Company, a craft distillery located here in Gig Harbor.  She has expanded her skill set to include things like forklift training and she knows all there is to know about how alcohol is taxed in the State of Washington.  On your next trip to Gig Harbor, plan to stop by either of our locations for a tour and some adult beverages.  Ralph made the transition also at the distillery where he serves as the Chief Financial Officer part time while continuing to grow his law practice and sometimes playing Mr. Mom.

Looking Ahead

We’re glad that you checked in with us again this year.  We are in our sixth year here in Gig Harbor and 2015 should be interesting.  We have another exchange student joining us in the Spring and we have many plans and it should be a busy year.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Near Year.

Ralph, Wendy, Noah, Natalie (and Jake)