2016 Holiday Letter

Here we are again!  Another year has passed and we are wondering where the time went and what to write for our annual holiday letter.  Facebook has taken some of the fun out of these letters but it’s a tradition now.

It goes without saying that it has been a busy year (so, if it goes without saying why say it?) as all years seem to be.  This is our eighth Christmas in Gig Harbor and we still sometimes can’t believe that we live in such a beautiful and friendly place.  If you find yourself up this way, look us up.  Here is our annual update:


Natalie is in Fifth Grade and so this is the last year of everything in elementary school.  Sadly, this is the Flick Family’s last year at Harbor Heights Elementary School where either Noah or Natalie (or both) have been attending since 2008!  Natalie is all about activities from soccer, to circus club to the new trampoline that we installed this year.


Noah is officially retired from sports after a storied career.  He now spends his time turning sports into income as a soccer referee and baseball umpire.  This is Noah’s last year in middle school, he will be in high school next year and, yes, he has a mustache.  Noah has also founded his own tech company, Meatball Computing, so stay tuned for more on that in the future.  We’ll probably all be working for him in 10 years.


Wendy made the transition to full-time employment at Heritage Distilling Company in Gig Harbor where she is the Chief Compliance Officer.  In addition to her occupation, she keeps herself busy with all kinds of activities including as a member of the award winning Gig Harbor Dragon Boat Team!  That’s right, she gets up at the crack of dawn and heads down to the harbor and paddles with a group of other insane people.  Sounds like fun, eh!?!  Both Ralph and Wendy were jury forepersons this year.  What are the odds?


Earlier in the year, Ralph was the presiding juror on a major murder trial that was in the news and he even made an appearance on “48 Hours” but that’s as close as he got, thankfully, to the criminal justice system!  Ralph is also in the midst of a professional transition having accepted a one-year appointment as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Pacific Lutheran University where he teaches business law.  Hopefully, it will work out to continue in this position beyond this academic year; however, either way it looks like a pivot to academics is in his future.  Ralph continues to practice law although for a more limited list of clients.


Here’s this year’s slideshow:

Thanks for checking in on us.  We hope you have a happy holiday season and a safe and happy New Year!