2015 Holiday Letter

There was a slight error in last year’s letter.  That is, last year was the Tenth Anniversary Edition of our holiday letter and, this year, we have moved to the Eleventh Year.  This holiday season we have been thinking about how we are moving past the little holidays as Natalie, who turns 10 this month, is in Fourth Grade and has only one year left of elementary school.  Meanwhile, Noah is halfway through middle school and when we write the Thirteenth Edition in 2018, he will be a freshman in high school!  Yikes!

It’s been another busy year in the Flick family filled with school and sports for the kids and the ever present challenge of finding a work/life balance for Ralph and Wendy which basically makes us just like everyone else!  We had an exchange student, Marie, from Germany, we traveled two California a couple of times and we kept busy with our day-to-day lives.

  • Noah. Noah played his last year of little league having aged out on account of becoming a teenager in January (he turns 13!)  When he’s not flying model airplanes with Ralph, he enjoys playing on his computer and not doing school work.
  • Natalie.  Natalie is our soccer star.  Her West Narrows team won an away tournament this summer and then went undefeated in their league in the Fall.  Natalie does well in school and loves all the extra curricular activities.
  • Wendy.  Wendy is full time now at the local distillery, Heritage Distilling Company, where she is in charge of just about everything that nobody else wants to do.  She’s also the official boozy baker incorporating company products into all kinds of treats.
  • Ralph.  Ralph also works at Heritage but on a part-time basis as the company grows.  He also has other business interests and his law practice too.

For those of you who are still reading and want to see some pictures, we put a slideshow together just for you:

Happy Holidays,

Ralph, Wendy, Noah and Natalie (and Jake too)